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Wild Camping is our ultimate goal in the outdoors. It means not going home, staying out on the hill all night and seeing the sunrise in the morning. In this section you’ll find out all about wild camping, what it is, the legality of wild camping, where to wild camp as well as a comprehensive how to for beginners and advanced alike.

We cover the basics on how to choose a tent for wild camping, choosing a sleeping bag for wild camping and all about cooking and stoves for wild camping. We’re in the process of wrapping these articles into an easier format, but it’s all there!

Of course, you need to know where to wild camp, so our wild camping map sorts that out as well as our Snowdonia wild camping trip reports. You can even submit your own wild camping location, so we’ll build up a comprehensive database of decent spots.

We do mean wild wild camping – not camping in lay-bys and similar with a camper van.  It’s confusing that the same term is used for two totally different activities, but we’re all about getting as far away from tarmac and roads as we possibly can!

Ultralight Down Quilts from PHD

In what has to be one of the lightest sleeping options available, PHD have recently launched these down quilts for ultralight backpacking, or just throwing on your bed at home, as you choose. The single weighs in at a barely there 375g and the double at 620g. Designed to be used with a decent sleeping mat there’s

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Wild Camping in Snowdonia - Carneddau

Lightweight Obsession

How far do we want to go with cutting our pack weights? I’m sure that the companies and the media surrounding them would wish this was at each new technological advance. I’ve thought about this more and more, with my tent now looking particularly obese compared to similar offerings. Weighing in at 1.3 kilos, the

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Trekker Kelly Kettle Review

Before I saw this little beauty in action, I thought this was a gimmick. For those who don’t know, a Kelly Kettle (or Ghillie Kettle – another brand) is simply a kettle in which you light a real fire inside the he hollow centre. This acts like a chimney, drawing the fire up along the inside

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Led Lenser H7 Review

You may already have seen our unscientific review of the Magicshine lights and how they’ve seriously revolutionised our night runs and hill walks. Despite the bulk, it was a step forward, like those early pioneers who carried mobile phones the size of briefcases and shouted loudly into them that their business deals were going nicely

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Wild Camping

Winter Wild Camping 2

This is the second part of our article on wild camping in winter snow. Rest of the stuff. I carried all the gear in the OMM Villain pack. This isn’t really big enough for this sort of trip. The sleeping bag is a bit on the bulky side, and the down mat takes up the

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Winter Wild Camping 1

Some have emailed asking what gear you can use for a winter wildcamp. Here’s my selection of gear. I’ve split it into two posts – one for the ‘big 3’ of shelter, sleep and cooking and the other for the rest of the stuff. Freezing conditions were expected and the gear below kept me comfortable

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All hot and bothied.

Only very rarely are we able to experience something totally new in an environment that has become so familiar. The Carneddau are one of my favourite walking are as and I realised that I know the area well, except for a small section. I’ve walked nearby, but never to Llyn Eigiau or the neighbouring valleys

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OMM Villain Pack Review

I previously owned the OMM Mountain mover, the Giant Jaffa. I spent a few months umming and aahhing to buy it, with the only negative point being the colour. I bought it, and i was quite pleased. It did the job, but it was cavernous. Far too big for the kind of trips i was

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