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Pits and Bits Body Wash Review

By Tryfan Williams   

on March 12, 2015    5/5 (1)

Pits and Bits Body Wash Review

Nilaqua the makers of Pits and Bits were kind enough to send us over a 65ml squeezy bottle of Towel off Body Wash – Antibacterial and Unfragranced, and a 9 pack of Expandable Wipes. Though as always, the following review is our own independent assessment of the product following a thorough gear test period in the field.

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Whether you’re out on manoeuvres, wild camping, trail running, festival going or just generally taking off on an outdoor adventure this waterless Pits and Bits Body Wash will keep you clean when away from any shower facilities. Simply squeeze out of the bottle, rub in to remove any sweat, grease or mud and then towel down with a micro towel, if you have it to hand. Or you could combine with the Pits and Bits Expandable Wipes for a proper foamy scrub down.

Expandale Wipes, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, are compact wipes that require a drop of liquid (10ml) to expand into a full flannel. Very handy on wild camps anyway, and you could utilize these in the same way by washing yourself down, or adding water to clean your pots and mugs after a camp meal. You could even use them to clean any gear you have, I know a lot of mountain bikers that use them to give the bike a clean down.

To use simply apply the body wash directly to the skin, massage to lift dirt then remove by thoroughly towel drying.

Different to some waterless body washes, Pits and Bits Body Wash is unfragranced, so there’s no fear of entering the pub at the end your trail run and turning heads (in the unwanted manner) with a funky smell!

Not relying on alcohol like conventional sanitizers, it removes dirt/grease from your skin and onto your towel, thus ensuring no loss of essential oils. Though a possible downside could be it freezes at zero like water. Could pose a problem when out on winter wild camps, though I should imagine the warmth of your body, and the warmth inside of the tent should prove sufficient to keep it at liquid/gel form. Though I haven’t field-tested this theory as yet!


Some of you might of seen the recent Mud and Routes review of MucOff, see it here. When I helped out on gear testing this product after a trail run I was very happy with the results, and this Body Wash from Pits and bits hits the same market.

The main difference I see is that the MucOff comes out in foam form, where as the Pits and Bits is liquid gel. This probably boils down to personal preference in the end, the only note I would make is the MucOff doesn’t require you to towel off (although recommended), but the Pits and Bits Body Wash is better value for money, as it’s at a lower price point, and comes in a larger bottle! If you’re conviced, you can buy it from amazon here.

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