Tip of the Week – Upcycled Camping Tumblers No ratings yet.

It was totally by accident that these came about. After indulging in some cheesecake or other from one of the large supermarkets that invariably control our food, I had to wash the pot it came in for recycling. I do wonder if anyone has actually calculated the added environmental impact from the increased water and heating usage from cleaning all our rubbish? Ensuring that my efforts might not be in vain, I realised that the pots were the perfect size for a tumbler. They’re sufficiently durable to survive a few sessions out on the hill or campsite, which is still better than being thrown straight into the recycling pot.

So it was the perfect opportunity to try them out on a Snowdon wild camp, complete with ice and a gin and tonic. Yes, in an ideal world we wouldn’t have used pre-mixed G&T and we’d have used a decent local gin (we’re open to offers for the next trip) as well as a slice of lime or lemon. With the temperatures sweltering for Snowdonia, having a tumbler of Tesco brand G&T with actual ice in the wilds more than made up for it!

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