If you want a cheap and cheerful cover for your Kindle or mini tablet, then you can’t go wrong with the Lupo Waterproof Bag. It’s not really suitable for using the kindle touch as trying to turn the page gives strange results, but will protect the device whilst in your pack from water and minor bumps. However, it does work fine with the touch screen of a Nexus 7 tablet.

The build is sturdy, with the roll top zip-loc closure seemingly robust though only time will tell as the brand is an unknown. This may even be a generic item re-branded as there are similar items by other brands on Amazon that look are identical to the Lupo case, though often more expensive.

It’s larger than the kindle as well, meaning you can use it to store minor douments, tickets and so on behind the device.

There’s a rather annoying ‘bit of string’ that you’re clearly meant to hang the case from, but this met a swift end with the kitchen scissors as it was unneccessary for my needs even before it left the house.

Overall, if you need to keep your kindle waterproof while on the go and don’t want to shell out an awful lot then this case is highly recommended. The only down side is that it’s uncertain how it will fare long term and that it doesn’t work well with the touch screen, but at this price neither should put you off buying.

What the Manufacturer Says:

  • The safest way to safeguard your Kindle at the beach or in the hot tub is with the LUPO water poof Kindle cover. LUPO Waterproof kindle covers are essential if you want to take your ebook reader anywhere potentially wet.
  • For sitting by a pool full of excited kids, or hiking in the great outdoors knowing your Kindle won’t get splashed or rained on is a great way to put your mind at rest. You can go on enjoying your great book in the bath or on the beach, without fear of damaging the device.
  • This item features a double zip-lock ensemble plus a snap enclosure too, so it is very effective at keeping its contents dry. The fit is relatively snug so your kindle doesn’t move around too much and all the controls are fully accessible.
  • The plastic itself has been UV stabilised which means it won’t break down in sunshine. An excellent dust and sand guard, perfect for the beach
  • Size:196 x 150mm

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