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OS Maps Review

I’ve been a keen user of digital maps ever since I bought the whole of Wales in 1:50k mapping from Tracklogs over ten years ago. That really got me hooked, but only to a certain degree as ‘proper’ 1:25k mapping was simply too expensive. I’m fully used to the way Tracklogs works, having tried out …

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Suunto Traverse GPS Watch Review

Dave Roberts reviews the Suunto Traverse GPS watch, which is an outdoor GPS watch that’s suitable for any sport you choose to throw at it. The Suunto Traverse GPS watch is a sturdy watch, as even if it was due for return after the review, we didn’t take any prisoners in use! We used it hill walking, …

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Sony Smartwatch 2 Review

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is one of the latest smartwatch offerings along with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, that follows in the footsteps of the Pebble and the previous, rather unloved, Sony SmartWatch. Wearable tech is certainly coming of age, but is this device the mass market watch we’ve been waiting for or something strictly for …

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Are You An Outdoor Geek?

You may take a couple of gadgets on the hill, but how many of these can you tick off? With bonus points, how many points do you score? Are you an outdoor luddite or an outdoor nerd of the highest order? Our Outdoor Geek test goes all the way up to eleven and we don’t …

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Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor – portable power for outdoor enthusiasts

How about a bit of kit that’ll power your gadgets all weekend long without resorting to unreliable solar power, loads of batteries or a heavy battery pack? New from Brunton is the award-winning Hydrogen Reactor™ – a highly technical device that’s a bit larger than a smartphone and combines hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity …

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Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review

While we’ve had our hands on this nifty little tablet for a few months, with first impressions here, we decided to give it some time before finally reviewing it. The Google Nexus 7 is the internet giant’s first attempt at a tablet, with the idea that you get a tablet with none of the bloat …

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Some Major Site Updates

You may, or may not, have noticed some major changes around here over the last few weeks. We’ve kept them discreet, and in line with the rest of the site and maybe not as obvious as we’d like so here’s a heads up. 1 – We now have a snazzy route search, as we found …

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We’re now on Pinterest

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest, nothing to do with beer unfortunately, but a way of sharing things you’ve found online. We’ve started sharing some stuff on there, so take a look –

Kindle Touch Review

It took me a while to be convinced of the merits of this device, but as I needed to take reading matter on a 4 night trip into the wilds,  it was the ideal time to give a Kindle Touch a try out. The reading experience is as expected, brilliant. Words are crisp, even in …

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The Death of the GPS?

With the cheapest GPS with proper OS mapping still in the region of £200, plus a significant whack on top of that if you want significant mapping coverage, we ponder if there’s an alternative with the glut of cheap 7” (why the imperial i ask!) Android tablets and cheap mapping apps (see here). With Viewranger …

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