The only way to stop yourself from playing Angry Birds, drown 'em!

You may or may not be interested to see us put the Motorola Defy through it’s paces below. In three months use, the phone’s been severely abused in use and has survived. Packed hastily into a windproof pocket and drenched in an hour’s torrential rain and survived. It’s even survived a few impromptu dunks as seen below’s clearly alcohol fuelled images…. One word of warning – I really don’t think the advice to “connect your charger” is a particularly wise one..

The classic line from a Fort William barmaid on seeing the phone in a glass of Pear Magners:

Me: Don’t worry, it’s waterproof…

Her: Aye, but is it CIDER-Proof?


Please note – the immersion of this phone in any sort of liquid is at your own risk. Please don’t try this at home (or the pub!) and blame us! The phone is ‘splashproof’ more than anything, and the test above should not be attempted under normal, sober conditions.

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