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Sleeping Bag Floating on Water of the Week.. No ratings yet.

How’s about this for confidence in your product?  Luis Brown, an Envornmental Consultant at Nikwax demonstrated this by floating across a lake in East Sussex with a Nixwax Hydrophobic Down™ filled sleeping bag. They demonstrated that it’s a high performing hydrophobic solutiuon as well as also being an environmentally friendly one. Nikwax do however stress that this isn’t …

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We’re now on Pinterest No ratings yet.

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest, nothing to do with beer unfortunately, but a way of sharing things you’ve found online. We’ve started sharing some stuff on there, so take a look –

Bear With us! No ratings yet.

We appear to have some problem on the technical side of the site – so bear with us as we’re working on it. Our server sort of blew up last week and there are some issues that only became apparent tonight arising from that. So some pictures don’t appear and others won’t enlarge in the …

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“That” Run… No ratings yet.

I don’t usually bother writing about individual runs, especially when they’re on your bread and butter routes. Tonight’s route was just one of those, but a run that’ll mark itself as one of my most important runs this year. It reminded me that running anything less than 8km is just not fun. I need that sort of …

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