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Return of the Snow Forecast : 1st December 2011

By The Beast   

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Return of the Snow Forecast : 1st December 2011

Finally it’s back, belatedly, but it’s here.

While there’s no snow yet in Snowdonia, the freezing levels are set to fall this weekend and we ‘could’ see a sprinkling above 900m! Much the same in the Lakes, with a prospect of snow falling and temperatures remaining cold enough for it to remain on the ground over 600m and a fine day to enjoy it tomorrow.

Further north, and there’s already snow in Scotland, webcams , with plenty more forecast mainly over 600m but falling to 450m over the weekend. Unfortunately, SAIS aren’t yet up and running for another couple of weeks to find out what the ground conditions are like. The severe gales will make it rather heavy going though.

Finally – why not post your local snow conditions here? Then they’ll appear on the map at this link – or look at it below.
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