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Vibram Five Fingers from about £80 to £135

Barefoot running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially with all the dog eggs on some of the local trails (just because it’s muddy doesn’t mean you can leave it there people). The Vibram Five Fingers provide a compromise for any wannabe bare foot runner or trail walker. You can opt for the rugged KSO (keep stuff out) variety, the double take Speed Trainer that looks like a regular running shoe until you look closely or the top of the range Bikila and Komodo models. The latter being suited for rougher terrain and trail running, even some hill walking once you get used to it.

Unfortunately, Vibram are highly paranoid about the images of their product being used to promote their product and drive more sales, so we’ve got the image of a gorilla foot for illustrative purposes.

You can visit the Vibram website for more information, but best of luck finding anything on there as the page appears utterly broken (it may work in IE, but I’m not that desperate to find out).

Even if you don’t end up running in them, at the very least you can look as if you’re just taking a break from the gorilla costume.

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