Winter Skills Snow Cave!

If you want the ultimate winter challenge then get out and build a snow hole this winter… You’ll need.. Snow. One shovel (or the more the merrier) Survival bag (you many need to place this on the floor in order to pull snow away from the hole?) Plenty of time! Find a drift of snow […]

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Garant Collapsable Shovel

While we had a bit of a winter this week up in Snowdonia, it’s likely to be mostly gone after this weekend. It did however give us a chance to test out one of the bargains of the year so far, a collapsable snow shovel from B&Q for just a shade over ten quid. The

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Kahtoola MICROspikes Review

If there’s one item that I own that’s elicited any curiosity in people over the last few years then it has to be these Kahtoola MICROspikes. From work colleagues, to neigbours, they’ve seen these in use over the recent harsh winters and politely enquired about them before quickly ordering their own pair. Even if you

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Grivel Steel Blade Shovel Review

We love anything that’s multi-purpose, or uses another item to provide part of its functionality. The Grivel Snow Shovel does just that. It’s just a plastic ‘bucket’ part of the shovel, lacking a handle. Instead, you can use a Grivel Munro ice axe or similar in order to create a handle. You’re unlikely to need one

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Get Ready For Winter

It’s not officially winter, but it’s definately start of the winter season as far as the mountains are concerned, so we’ve put together a small series of articles in order for you to make the most of any snow we may be lucky enough to fall. We’ll have a few articles on winter skills, videos

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5 Things: Prepare for Snow!

You may think we’ve finally lost it but now’s the time to buy all the stuff you need for winter! Following the heavy snow last year, you may remember the difficulty in getting hold of those essential items that you didn’t think of until the white stuff had fallen! Here are some thing that you may need

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Wild Camping

Winter Wild Camping 2

This is the second part of our article on wild camping in winter snow. Rest of the stuff. I carried all the gear in the OMM Villain pack. This isn’t really big enough for this sort of trip. The sleeping bag is a bit on the bulky side, and the down mat takes up the

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Winter Wild Camping 1

Some have emailed asking what gear you can use for a winter wildcamp. Here’s my selection of gear. I’ve split it into two posts – one for the ‘big 3’ of shelter, sleep and cooking and the other for the rest of the stuff. Freezing conditions were expected and the gear below kept me comfortable

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