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Snow Forecast 8th December 2011

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Snow Forecast 8th December 2011

There’s been plenty of snow about during this last week, but will it still be there to play about in over the weekend and will the weather be good enough to let us?

Scotland’s seen plenty of snow over the week, and most of the hills elsewhere  have seen some snow this week and it’s remained on the higher tops, with more to come to lower levels for the weekend. It is however, getting patchy on the Snowdonia hills by today with the freezing level typically rising above the summits for Thursday. So it does look like this far south, all the lovely snow that’s fallen so far will be lost. Further north in Scotland though, the freezing level’s remained a little higher and the Munros at least should have kept hold of most of their covering.

It’s not all doom and gloom further south as it looks like even if Snowdonia will lose the snow, there’s plenty forecast to fall over 4-500m on Friday to replace it. So there should be some white stuff to play with from 500m upwards in Snowdonia and further north it’s even more widespread.

Initial forecasts indicate that it may be a half decent weekend, if a little breezy as you go further north, but with snow above about 600m being almost a given it’s a good weekend to get out and bag one of those lower hills in winter conditions while you can. Saturday looks the best day across the board, with plenty of sun forecast and lighter winds, though it’s uncertain beyond that. So if you’re going to get your crampons out this month, make it this Saturday and bu**er the Christmas shopping!

Finally – why not post your local snow conditions here? Then they’ll appear on the map at this link – or look at it below.
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