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Caledonian Sleeper Flexipass 10 Trip 1st Class Sleeper ticket to Scotland –  £1127

Even if you already live in the hills, there’s something special about the Highlands. Getting a sleeper there for a long weekend, three days walking and back before work on the Monday Morning.

Walking off the train in the middle of  nowhere in Corrour, walking for a few days, then sitting in the buffet car drinking beer or wine, passing Loch Treig, Rannoch Moor and then watching the Tyndrum and Crianlarich hills fade into the evening.

The alternative of driving up is not as practical, or as much fun, and would you want to drive home overnight and go straight to work with no sleep? You practically save 2 days doing it this way, and two days off are worth more to me than the cost of this ticket, so with my creative accounting this ticket would practically pay for itself….

Realistically, it works out at over £200 per return trip, but you do get a 1st class cabin to yourself and that means you don’t have to share. You also get a hot breakfast as a first class passenger and the satisfaction that you’ve not had to drive a single mile to get there.

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