The Escape From Knoydart Part 1

Knoydart holds a place in most adventurous walker’s hearts, either as somewhere to reminisce about or to aspire to. It’s one of those places that should be near the top of your to do list, and still is on mine even if I’ve only just returned! Knoydart is a peninsula on the West Coast of Scotland, yet

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Leum Uilleim from Corrour

Originally posted on the Walk Eryri Blog a few years back and the images are rather poor as taken with a mobile. This was my second day in Loch Ossian YH with an ascent of Leum Uilleim. The next day saw much the same sort of weather as yesterday. Rain and wind, with very little sun

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Loch Ossain to Staoineag Bothy

This route originally appeared on the Walk Eryri Blog a few years ago. The weather forecast had been eagerly anticipated the previous night and it shaped the next day ‘s walk as it was anticipating not just foul weather, I can cope with that, but lightning. That I don‘t really fancy. So Carn Dearg and a couple

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Carn Dearg from Corrour

Carn Dearg from Corrour Station – originally posted on the Walk Eryri Blog a few years back. Arriving on the sleeper at Corrour, i had managed to sleep much better this time thank you. An easy walk was all i wanted though, and the easiest walk left was that up Carn Dearg (and Sgorr Gailbhre). I

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Midnight Train to Corrour

This was a bit of an expedition, having to book the sleeper weeks in advance. And as for Bargain Berths, forget it. I think only the psychic manage to get hold of them. I then spent weeks looking over the maps of Lochaber, deciding on a route. The Grey Corries and a bothy trip was

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Loch Ossian SYH Review

I’d never stayed in a youth hostel till this trip. Why bother, I’ve lived within convenient distance of the hills. I can camp if it’s foul weather, or make use of the one and only mountain bothy in North Eryri if it’s worse. So this was a change of tack for me. I was greeted,

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