We love anything that’s multi-purpose, or uses another item to provide part of its functionality. The Grivel Snow Shovel does just that. It’s just a plastic ‘bucket’ part of the shovel, lacking a handle. Instead, you can use a Grivel Munro ice axe or similar in order to create a handle. You’re unlikely to need one without the other and you can still use the shovel in an emergency without the shaft. If you’re in a tight spot, then that’s an advantage.

Made of tough plastic with metal edging to protect it along the front, the Grivel Shovel is an unassuming piece of kit. It attaches discreetly to your pack, unlike a full sized shovel, or can even be squeezed into the pack.

In use the axe head isn’t the ideal handle, but suffices. Other than that, it functions ok and is a good choice on any trip.

It may seem expensive, with some other shovels coming in at £30 and constructed from more durable aluminium, but it’s still exceptionally high quality (as you’d expect from Grivel),convenient and light to carry. Not only that, but it can apparently double as a makeshift deadman, though we’ve not tested that, and also as a sledge, which we might well be trying out this winter! What more is there to say – it’s a snow shovel, albeit a damn fine one!

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