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New Extremeties Kit for 2015

Extremities have just launched some funky new kit for 2015. Thier Performance Baselayers are made from extra fine Australian Merino wool and are available in both men’s and women’s styles as well as zip necks, long or short sleeves and even long johns. We don’t think they’d look so fetching on us, so here are …

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Hothands Review

I’ve never been one for using these myself as I tend to run warm. So when we got our hands on a couple of these to review, and night time astrophotography being a blossoming new interest, we could finally see some use for them. First and foremost, I’m a firm believer in taking kit that’s …

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Primus Vacuum Bottle (1 ltr)

Tryf’s Blog reviews the Primus Vacuum Bottle, a hard wearing, durable flask for a hot cuppa on those winter walks. Check out the full blown review here

Paramo Torres Trousers Review

The virtues of a thick, down jacket for winter walking is petty obvious. An uber warm top layer is one of the winter essentials on the hill that’s as likely to be left behind in the car as your boots, or bag of emergency Jelly Babies. Treating your pins to the same comfort as your …

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RAB Microlight Down Jacket

These spring mornings tend to be cold and frosty, so you need some decent insulation to counter this. It’s just not cold enough to justify a full on duvet jacket and a simple fleece might not be warm enough. You need something in between. The Microlite Jacket from RAB is more of a down cardigan …

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Paramo Aspira Jacket Review

Following on from the other Paramo reviews, you may have noticed a trend in colour. Even my summer smock is a fetching black. Not so my winter coat. My Aspira Jacket – circa 2007 and a honeymoon present, so I better hope that I don’t get THAT year wrong. This is red and proud to be …

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Nevica Glacier Goggles

I’ve struggled in the past with a cheap and nasty pair of goggles that had to be padded around the nose as they made it bleed and were just foul all around. They were only half effective, and even then only if you didn’t breathe. Following on from the last two decent winters we’ve had, …

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Garant Collapsable Shovel

While we had a bit of a winter this week up in Snowdonia, it’s likely to be mostly gone after this weekend. It did however give us a chance to test out one of the bargains of the year so far, a collapsable snow shovel from B&Q for just a shade over ten quid. The …

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Paramo Torres Smock Review

The classic down jacket is one of the best bits of kit you can get for keeping warm. Gram for gram, there’s nothing warmer than the combination of pertex and down of one form or the other. In that respect, synthetic insulation doesn’t come close. That said, there’s no need to write off synthetic insulation …

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Kahtoola MICROspikes Review

If there’s one item that I own that’s elicited any curiosity in people over the last few years then it has to be these Kahtoola MICROspikes. From work colleagues, to neigbours, they’ve seen these in use over the recent harsh winters and politely enquired about them before quickly ordering their own pair. Even if you …

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