There’s only one ‘tache that still cuts it, and that’s got to be Tom Selleck. While other lesser men who’ve tried it have just looked like throwbacks to the 70s, he’s managed to carry it off with his timeless ‘tache. He really is the ‘tache god. There are still some arguments about the Merv Hughes, but that’s another story. So when I stumbled across this while procrastinating on the internet, as a colleague was doing the Movember thing, I was tempted to get it as a bit of a joke. Once I realised that it also had a function on the hill, I’d already paid for it!airhole_mask_04_960

It arrived in lightning time from Craigdon Mountain Sports (who have not sponsored this review!) and I’d certainly use them again! I ordered some time Sunday and it was here on the Tuesday morning. I reckon they used a black helicopter with 80s stripes on it to make sure it arrived on time.

Why do you need a facemask? Well it may be designed for snowboarding, but it’s something that can also be useful for hill walking. I don’t like my hood to be overly tight, so this might be the compromise I’m looking for. Neither do I like the idea of scarves, no hipster I, which I’ve never really got along with.

On the hill, other than the few strange looks, followed by grins, there were no surprises and it kept me very warm as expected. Coupled with goggles, it did a better job than an old neck snood I used to wear. If anything, it’s probably too warm most of the time, but for those times when you need every bit of exposed skin well covered you’ll be glad you bought it. If it doesn’t get that cold, then the awesome summit shots that can be taken of Tom “the ‘tache” Selleck on top of your peak of choice is just priceless.


Overall, the only thing I’d ask for is that it were reversible. But maybe that’s just missing the point completely?! It’s OK on the mountain, but you may or may not consider wearing this during a night time winter run a complete wheeze or something that may potentially get you arrested! Thankfully, I don’t think it’ll get cold enough for me to use this during a run, but I might just do it for Sh**s and giggles anyway!


For the sheer fun factor alone, this gets a 5. If you lack a sense of humour, then you’ll probably disagree, but you wouldn’t be worthy of the Selleck ‘tache in that case anyway. You’d need to grow a Higgin’s Moustache, along with side parting.

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