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I had my game plan in place, but did it work?

Weeks 1 – 5 I maintained a daily deficit for the first four weeks, but the final week became more of a struggle! I realised that I wasn’t actually eating enough for the activity I was undertaking. Week 5 was totally off plan, but I decided to record everything anyway. I’d worked out a formula in the spreadsheet that took my average performance so far and projected this ahead to the end of the period (based on losing 1 kilo per 7000 calories burned) and this estimated I’d be down to 89 Kg by the end of the 10 weeks.

Whatever the scale said, my last few runs had been significantly faster, including my fastest ever 12k time. This really spurred me on. Lunchtime walks of 30 minutes, and finding willing running partners during this time made it a comparatively easy, if hungry few weeks. It helped that I’d done at least some sort of exercise daily, with a minimum of 30 minutes walking daily (plus 20 mins walking to and from work, which wasn’t counted). Neither did I have any alcohol in this time, which was certainly a help as only one beer in the evening inevitably leads to serious snacking later!

Bottom Line – I ran an average deficit of 1092 per day, eating a respectable 2071 calories daily. This worked out as an estimated weight loss of 5.4Kg, matching up nicely to the actual loss of around 5 kilos.

Healthy Snacks

Weeks 6-10

This is where it got a bit harder, but the fact I’d had such a crappy week previously meant I was a lot more determined. I was already finding work clothes were getting looser. However, it was more of a struggle during this time, with a couple of off-plan weekends and a few days lost to a bug. I also had a handful of nights out on the beer, which slowed things down a bit. The ensuing pizza on the way home didn’t help matters.

Towards week 8 I added an exercise bike and then a Turbo Trainer to my workout to add another 4-600 calories worth of exercise for those days.


The average deficit was still around 900 and I lost somewhere between 4 and 5 kilos in this time depending on which scale I used! This again matched up to the weight loss estimated by calorie deficit which was 91 kilos.

What I did notice more during the latter half was an obvious reduction in size, with clothing becoming loose and dropping a shirt size every couple of weeks! I started off with a 17″ collar and ended up with a 15.5″ but regret not doing any actual bodily measurements. People also start to notice, which is always good to keep you going!

The most important thing however, is that this is just the first part of the journey. I’ve another 10-15 kilos will be shed over the next few months before I’ll be at an acceptable weight.

What a typical day’s eating looked like:


  • 2 Weetabix or Oats So Simple with semi skimmed milk- 220/180 cals
  • Large mug of coffee with 40 cals worth milk.
  • Weekend Treat – Low calorie Fry Up  – 2 x weight watchers sausages, 2 x low fat bacon, tiny tin beans, slice of bread dry fried, dry fried egg – under 400 calories.



  • 2 x slices warburtons brown bread – 110 cals
  • ham – 100 cals
  • leerdamer low fat cheese – 52 cals
  • Plenty of rocket – free(ish)
  • Muller Light – 86 cals


Main Meal:

Home made curries or bolognase with a generous portion of rice or pasta would vary between 600-800 calories. I could even have puddings to bulk out the calories.

I would aim to have a treat every ten days or so, aiming at worst to have burnt off as much calories as I’d consumed. Even with a take away pizza, I managed to run a deficit for that day! Unfortunately, I had far too many ‘treats’.


  • 2 Weetabix or Oats So Simple with semi skimmed milk- 220/180 cals (I can’t sleep on an empty stomach)



  • Weight watchers cakes – 84cals
  • Slimming World Hi Fi bars  – 70 cals
  • Apples, fruit – as much as I could eat!
  • Muller Light Youghurt – Toffee and Vanilla helped to quell that sweet tooth.
  • SIS running gels – 86cals



  • Black coffee
  • Occasional white americano.
  • Far too much Pepsi Max Cherry.
  • No Alcohol!
  • Becks Blue 52 cals


So keeping around the 1800-2000 calories was easy enough, if I was disciplined enough! My main four meals wouldn’t be much over 1500 calories a day, so it meant that I usually had to snack in order to get enough calories.


  • Time – 10 weeks
  • Weight Loss – 8-9 kilos
  • Calculated Loss – 9.07kilos
  • Daily Calorie Intake – 2247
  • Daily Calories burnt by exercise – 750
  • Average Daily Calorie Deficit – 907
  • Biggest Splurge – 5140 calories (night out and pizza!)
  • Largest Deficit – 2229 cals (12k run and a walk)


Bottom line is that the calorie deficit diet has worked for the first 9 Kg, with the estimates being spookily close to the actual weights. I’ll update the post with how effective it is with the next 9 Kg. While I’d initally been skeptical about 85 Kg being a realistic weight, it’s clear now that I’ve still enough fat left to lose that I’ll hit that easily. I think any thoughts of 85 Kg being too low were based more on self denial than anything else!

Pros – Fitter, leaner and faster! I’m looking forward to long summer walks now.

Cons – It’s going to cost me a fortune in new kit! Two of my new Paramo trews are far too big as well as my jackets. I’ll be on eBay seeking out bargains for the next few months.

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