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Looking for a healthy snack to keep you going during the day, or even as a trek boost? Why not try Gethin Evans’s Fruit and Nut recipe

You will need

  • 250g of a fruit and nut mix, I use the Tesco everyday value variety

  • 100g of dark chocolate

  • 400g of dates

*Please note other stores are available, but Tesco is just round the corner!

Simply blend the fruit and nut mix until crumb like and add to a mixing bowl

Then blend the chocolate until powder like and add to the mixing bowl, and mix with the fruit and nut

Next remove all the pips from the dates and chop as small as possible and blend bit by bit, adding to the mixing bowl as you go along

Massage the dates into the chocolate, fruit and nuts until eventually it should become a dough like ball

Line a small baking tray with grease proof paper and add the mix, press the mix down until flat

Allow to set in the fridge over night

This recipe should give you 10 bars dependant on the size of the baking tray

Top Tip – I stack them as a sandwich with peanut butter in between, great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Give them a try and come back to us with some feedback, enjoy!

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