Little snippets of information that don’t fit anywhere else.

Motorola Defy – waterproof / ciderproof test – The only way to kill off Angry Birds

You may or may not be interested to see us put the Motorola Defy through it’s paces below. In three months use, the phone’s been severely abused in use and has survived. Packed hastily into a windproof pocket and drenched in an hour’s torrential rain and survived. It’s even survived a few impromptu dunks as …

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Diogelwch ar y Mynydd – Mountain Safety

Need a refresher about mountain safety? Here one of the Park Rangers explains what you need to know before setting out into the hills. Not only does he know what he’s talking about, he’s a nice guy as he gave us a lift a few years back! Cheers Ieu!

Summer was certainly here!

This weekend saw hordes taking to the hills, and we were, if not among them (if we could help it) certainly out there making the most of what was probably the summer of ’11. A straightforward trip saw us having to start from Llanberis for logistical reasons, and meant that the motorway had to be taken …

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Summer’s here at last!

Dust off those boots, grease yer chain and get out there as this weekend looks as if it’s going to be the start of the season at last! With sunshine and a positively tropical 18°C forecast for Snowdonia you’ll finally be needing some of that sunscreen. I remember Sunscreen, Bangor Student’s Union, mind 90s.. No, sorry, that …

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From a bimbler to a runner

While some of you may already be aware of the Walk Eryri website, that has been about the more sedate activity of walking up to now. Part of the reason, I suppose, that the site has been so quiet over the last year is that I’ve been struggling with this running malarkey. I think, during …

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Rain, wind and motivation..

Looks like more of the same after this weekend. Only more so… Been a crap week, and only managed to get out for some sort of exercise tonight in between the pizza scoffing and rain. At least this weekend’s looking good, but I think i need something to motivate me and shake off the excess …

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Illegal Offroader Destruction

Did my little walk up Mynydd Mawr yesterday. I was stunned as to how quiet it was walking across the Uwchgwyrfai Common, and how unseasonally warm it was. The only thing that was against the day was the exceptionally poor visibility. Moel Eilio, barely a couple of K across the valley was just a faint …

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ML Training 3

The final section of the course was an expedition with night nav. We did a bit of rough walking and navigation to get up to our campsite in Cwm Edno. It was almost ghyll scrambling up past the Afon Edno, much more interesting than the faint footpath. As it was due to be windy, we …

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ML Training 2

Day 3. This was a bit of a shock to my system. Ropework. However, i only needed to use one knot, the overhand (or is it underhand?), and that was easy enough. A mentally challenging day to anyone unfamiliar with ropes, but at least there wasn”t much walking involved. I”d have found concentrating on the …

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ML Training 1

Had a great weekend with Phil George and the rest of the group. Small group, but means that contact time was maximised. Day 1. Met at Pete”s Eats. Didn”t know there was a flexibility to the 9am meeting time, so missed out on breakfast (will do me good). Met up with a couple who looked …

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Midnight Train to Corrour

This was a bit of an expedition, having to book the sleeper weeks in advance. And as for Bargain Berths, forget it. I think only the psychic manage to get hold of them. I then spent weeks looking over the maps of Lochaber, deciding on a route. The Grey Corries and a bothy trip was …

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