Trail Running Indoors, surely that’s defeating the object? No ratings yet.

Is it just me, or does running indoors just sound like it isn’t worth bothering with? I’ve run enough on a treadmill to know that I prefer being out in the elements, soaked to the skin than in a soulless gym on a slightly modified hamster wheel.

In Germany, they’ve just opened an indoor TRAIL run! It’s certainly more fun that a dreadmill, but I can’t help thinking that it misses the point of trail running in the first place. Surely half the fun is knowing that the terrain will be different in different conditions? They offer mud, snow and such like over 1km, but this is surely the disneyfication of our sport/hobby (delete as applicable) into nothing more than a theme park ride?

I know where I’d rather be this winter, but taking a less polemic view on this, It’s probably a novel one-off experience that’r worth trying maybe once, but I can’t see how this would win over being outside other than if you’re likely to mugged or the like running outside.

What do you think though?




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