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We’re now in the process of building up our routes database!

We hope to reach around 200 routes of all kinds in the next few weeks, mainly in Wales, but that’s only the start. We aim to host the largest selection of routes in Wales (over 600!), and who knows after that.

Not only will it be the largest selection of routes, but also the largest collection of free, fully mapped routes with full instructions freely available; and will remain free. Of course, with so many routes we’ll need a decent search page, but don’t worry, we’re on it. As you can see, you can now search from the homepage or the search page for routes by type and area. All we need now is to add a map and post code field and you can find all the routes nearest to you. You’ll be able to see all those automatically on the route page in the near future, so if you look at Red MTB routes, you’ll see the nearest relevant routes and facilities such as cafes, pubs and accommodation once we get our Muddy Places up and running!

If you’ve got your own fave route, then remember that you can submit it here and help build the largest database of free routes!

In the meantime, stay tuned for our Christmas special starting next week where we look at some of the most desirable bits of kit every day up till Christmas! Then we’ll have some articles on how to get back into it after all that excess!

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  1. Geof Lane 8 years ago

    Us yanks cant wait to try some of these routes when we come in the summer. We will be getting our gear at

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