All I want for Christmas is.. No ratings yet.

Now if you’re reading this, then you’ll know that it’s that time of year again when you’re trying to decide what you want for Christmas or what to get that outdoorsy type in your life (just make sure they’re not Frank Turner – you won’t believe how long I’ve been trying to get that song on here, and I know it’s a cover).

So here at Mud and Routes, we feel your pain. So we’ve put a list together of some of the more desireable items out there and we’ll be launching one each day from tomorrow up until the last Christmas post – just in case!

If you’re fed up of getting socks, and red ones at that because you like a bit of a walk, then you’ll need to pass the links on to those who are meant to make you happy on the 25th. If you’re looking for ideas, well done, you understand us and our gear fetish. You’re one in a million.

Ranging from under a tenner to a quarter of a million (yes, a quarter of a million!) there’s something here for all tastes. Just if you are going to buy that one for anyone, make sure it’s me…

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  1. Geof Lane 8 years ago

    Wow! What a great Christmas List! I also added a Sawyer water filter from It filters 500 gallons of bacteria free water from any freshwater source!

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