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Struggling for ideas on what to get your loved one this Christmas? Aren’t we all! A stocking full of unique and personal surprises is an excellent gift and if you have a family member who is obsessed with all things camping then here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Fozzils Utensils

    These are flat-pack, foldable, light-weight bowls, plates and cutlery. Fozzils are made from high quality polypropylene which is easy to fold and clean, but virtually unbreakable. However for what you get they are quite expensive. Buy them here.

  2. Turbo Lighter

    A Turboflame lighter is a real boys toy. They are perfect for campers because they are wind-resistant and extremely hot, reaching temperatures of 1300°C. Supposedly you can use them to weld things together, although why you’d need to I’m not sure! Turboflame lighters have been tested and work up to 3000 metres. Costing under £10 they won’t break the budget, however I should warn you I have found them to be terribly unreliable and seem to break randomly. An impressive gift, but hold on to the warranty.

  3. Camping Torch/Lantern

    These double up as a torch and a lantern to hang in the tent. They vary in price and quality, here is one for under a fiver –

  4. Freeze-dried Food

    Freeze-dried food makes camping a whole lot easier. They contain all the ingredients you need for a meal, including seasoning, and you can get meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All you need is hot water and you’re good to go! Choose your camping-friend’s favourite meal from the selection and you’ve got a perfect stocking filler.

  5. Maglite Solitaire

    The classic maglite makes a great addition to any stocking. It is tiny but still has a high intensity, adjustable beam. Like all maglites there’s even a spare lamp hidden inside the tail cap.

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