Ystwyth Trail Cycle Route

The Ystwyth Trail cycle route in Ceredigion is partially along disused railway lines, but keeps more interest by being along country lanes in some sections, and some B Roads. This cycle route links Aberystwyth on the coast, to Tregaron inland. The Route For a printable overview map, click here, or the route homepage which has

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Caplight Review

If you’re someone who likes to run with a cap, then running in the dark requires that you choose between your cap or a head torch (do people really run with a torch in hand?) When these appeared on Amazon advertised as being for runners as well as just about any other activity going , we

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Stratford Greenway Cycletrack

Stratford-upon-Avon is better known for it’s famous Bard, but if all that culture’s a bit much then you can get out for an easy cycle (or run as I did) before attending a play. There are two carriages converted into cafes (Carriages Cafe) at the start and midpoint of the route, as well as numerous

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Turbo Training not Torture

You’ve got your shiny new turbo trainer set up, or you want to get cracking on the exercise bike, but five minutes in and you’re bored. Here are a few ideas that might make it all a bit more tolerable and make motivating yourself a bit easier. 1 – Get a Heart Rate Monitor – as

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Bargain Turbo Trainer

While the long winter nights may be coming to an end, I’d found myself doing a few hours a week on an old exercise bike that I found propping up a load of clothing in the spare room. While getting out into the fresh air is always the best option, I’m no road cyclist, and the local cycle tracks

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Lucozade Sport Running Gel Review

We’ve all in probability tried something made by Lucozade over the years. Probably one of those glass bottles with orange cellophane that seemed to be a permanent fixture next to any sickbed in the country. These days, the brand association is more with fitness than the convalescing. The Lucozade Body Fuel is similar in flavour to their

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Maxifuel Viper Active Sport Gel

The Maxifuel ViperActive energy gel is designed to keep you energised on those long runs or cycles. It’s available in only two flavours, Lemon and Lime and Mixed Berry. The mixed berry flavour doesn’t taste as expected! It has a tart, youghurty flavour which unpleasant at first, only as it was unexpected. The tartness is rather refreshing,

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SIS GO Isotonic Energy Gel Review

SiS GO Isotonic Gel is designed to be taken without water, to provide an energy boost during any intensive activity. They’re available in three flavours; Orange, Tropical and Blackcurrant.. The Orange variety tastes just like orange jelly, which for me is good, but it isn’t an overpowering taste. While many other gels I’ve tried are

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PowerBar Sports Gel Review

The PowerBar Sports Gel provides energy for those longer runs or cycles, and is available in five flavours; Blackcurrant, Apple, Lemon Lime, Tropical Fruit and Vanilla I tried the Lemon and Lime flavour, and it really was a shock to the palate! It was extremely citrusy, as expected, but after the initial shock I realised

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Gu Energy Gel Review

Gu are better known for their puddings than sports nutrition (at least to me they are), and what I do know is that their puddings are some of the best pre-packaged sweets known to man. With such a tasty pedigree, I had high expectations as well as plentiful drool even before trying them out. Apparently,

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Smart Budget LED Red Light

It’s that time of year again, when you need to be a little more visible during those twilight runs and cycles. The Smart Red LED light is a multipurpose clip on light that you can use both running and cycling. I find that clipping a rear light onto my bike can be difficult owing to

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