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The Maxifuel ViperActive energy gel is designed to keep you energised on those long runs or cycles. It’s available in only two flavours, Lemon and Lime and Mixed Berry.

The mixed berry flavour doesn’t taste as expected! It has a tart, youghurty flavour which unpleasant at first, only as it was unexpected. The tartness is rather refreshing, and pleasant once you know it’s going to hit your taste buds. The Lemon and Lime gel is caffeinated and was most pleasant, though we didn’t feel much impact from the 100mg caffeine fix. I did get a second wind towards the end of a 16k run, but it was probably due to people stopping to chat and taking up the entire cycle path while I had to run on the grass verge on one side with their dog doing something on the opposite verge that makes me supremely nervous on stepping on them in the first place.

They’re currently on offer in Boots as well, so these are currently my gel of choice, though only through price.

See how they fared against other running gels – here.

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