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Super Hill Foods – Kendal Mint Cake Review

By Dave Roberts   

on November 20, 2013    4.6/5 (5)

Super Hill Foods – Kendal Mint Cake Review

Along with the ubiquitous orange survival bag, this is probably one of the first purchases or gifts that many hill walkers receive. It’s cheap, cheerful and widely regarded as a lifesaver on the mountain. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those things you’ll either love or hate.


If you like mint then you’ll be fine, however I’m not the biggest fan. It was famously carried up Everest on the first ascent, and they loved it. So with that sort of pedigree, it’s difficult to admit that you’re not really that keen on it. A bimble up Snowdon’s a different proposition to Everest and I’d much rather take some fruity energy gels instead which provide only slightly less calories for the same weight.

It does however keep you sustained as each 85g bar of Kendal Mint Cake packs in 306 calories. This is compared to 329 calories in the same weight of sugar, which is unsurprising as it’s basically a mix of sugar, peppermint oil and some other secret ingredients. In that respect it’s the ideal emergency food for hill walking as it packs a decent amount of calories into a small, indestructible little packet. It’s probably an advantage if you don’t find these as they’ll still be in the pack when you want them! If you’re quite partial to them, then you’ll inevitably end up taking more than you need and still eating most of it.

While the Kendal Mint Cake is a part of hill walking tradition, it’s not really part of my kit list as it’s simply not to my taste. For that reason, I’ve not given this any stars. Instead we’re leaving it to those who read the review to add their vote to this page and we’ll rely on the demographic method for the ensuing review score!

They’re available in various sizes from 40g up to huge slabs over 500g in weight.

More Information on their website: http://www.kendal.mintcake.co.uk/

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  1. Definitely 5 stars as emergency food. It tastes so horrible that you would have to be truly desperate to eat it! Definitely guaranteed not to be eaten except in cases of dire emergency, unlike other foods which inevitably get eaten when feeling hungry and not saved for emergencies.

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