Tesco Pasta Shells Ready Meals

On a recent shopping trip, during my usual foray into the ready meals aisle, I found these inexpensive pasta puck meals. Are these cheap and cheerful meals from Tesco any good as a camping meal? We find out. Available in bolognese and tuna varieties, these cost only£1.29 compared to a Wayfarers at around £4 or a Look What …

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Fuizion Freeze Dried Meals Review

We recently stumbled across Fuizion freeze driedfoods, a brand that was new to us. On browsing their site, it becomes apparent from the photographs that this stuff stands apart from other freeze dries foods if only by being ridiculously photogenic. We couldn’t believe that this product could possibly look as good as the website makes out! We all …

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Look What We Found Pouches

We were recently blessed by the om nom fairy and received a full box of lovely Look What We found pouches to review. We received free food, which always makes us happy, especially when it’s as good as this! If you’ve not seen these before, the Look What We found are a regular brand of …

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Grower’s Cup Coffee Review

There’s nothing new under the sun they say, but here’s at least one! Perfect coffee in a pouch. We’ve been in search of the perfect camping coffee since, well, since forever, and while we get closer we never quite get there. We got excited about the camping espresso maker by GSI, but were woefully disappointed …

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Chefmate 12cm Mini Frypan

If you’ve seen our how to fry an egg article, then you may be interested in one of these. They’re available in a wide range of colours that make very little difference unless you want one to match the shade of your inner tent. More relevantly, this is a decent pan for frying a single …

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Organic Gorp

What else is there to say. It’s healthy and organic!

Tesco Instant Custard Review

This sort of stuff has been around for years so you’re probably wondering why I’m wasting valuable review space on this. Anyone who remembers the generic ‘instant’ custard will no dobut recall a powder that required much coaxing in order to resemble a coagulated mess that tasted as good as it sounded. It was therefore …

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