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Mountain House Meals Review – Lasagnae

By Dave Roberts   

on September 20, 2011    No ratings yet.

Mountain House Meals Review – Lasagnae

My first brush with dehydrated food was way back when, with a brand called Raven. I’m not sure to this day if it was off, or there was too much of one ingredient, but it was truly inedible. It tasted of bad parmesan, and a lot of it. I had much more success with the Reiter meals, but quickly tired of them in favour of fresh food and pouches where possible.

The Mountain House Lasagne however, looks to change all that. I’d never have thought so as I looked into it as I poured boiling water into my first one and thought it both looked and smelled like sick. So it was with some trepidation that i begun to eat, and by the time i’d finished I was scraping the bottom of the pouch to make sure I hadn’t wasted any.


The sauce is a tasty tomatoey, cheesy affair in which you can taste the meat and feel the texture. There are a few strips of thin lasagnae in there (though surely called something like lasagnetta) and with the amount of sauce, you could easily bulx this up with more pasta if you wanted to pack in the calories. Or you could buy the 2 serving pack, which isn’t a double portion and should be labelled hungry size and take in over a 1000 calories compared to the single portion’s 700 or so.  You can then bulk it up with more pasta!!


The four varieties we tried were certainly welcome on the hill and were what we’d expected from the description. As a curry lover, I was apprehensive to say the least of curries in a pack, but was pleasantly surprised with the Chicken Tikka. It wasn’t a gourmet curry, and could do with being spicier, more rice and was not very forgiving for being overly watered and ended up more of a curry soup. Spaghetti bolognaise is bolognaise, middle of the road with this one, I think I’d take some parmesan, extra basil etc in order to liven it up. Scrambled egg with ham and crunchy potato made my morning when I tried it, but again you need to be very careful not to over water these! I thought the different textures would be weird, but the crunchy potato (think croutons) was a nice touch.

All in all, I’d gladly take all these varieties on a long trip and I’m certain I’d look forward to the meal at the end of the day. Certainly take pasta or the like to bulk up, and you can make the meals go a little further. The lasagne however, is head and shoulders above the rest for flavour and is definitely our favourite. Lets hope Mountain House expand the range further as the US site has enough different varieties for a 14 day trip.

Also available but not tested: Chilli Con Carne, Chicken Korma, Vegetable tikka, Salmon and potato in dill sauce and Sweet and Sour (reviewing soon!). Plus a variety of puds as well.

Summary: Tasty, but expensive dehydrated meals. You’ll be glad you’ve shelled out for these when you’re hungry after a long day’s activity, but it’s always good practice to try them first!

Click on their webstore link to order (they’re very fast!!)

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