Super Hill Foods 7 – The Mighty Scotch Egg 5/5 (1)

Part of the appeal is the convenience while the rest is one third greasy meat, one third egg and one third adrenaline rush that at any moment, your food could spill from your grasp and end up at the bottom of the mountain.

It is said that the nutritional information on the packet is a fallacy and that one of these can sustain you for two or three days at a time. Loaded with a quarter of your recommended daily fat allowance, this isn’t a food for the overly health conscious. Though on a mountain, when you need some quick and convenient food that’s easy to eat even with gloves, it’s ideal. We’re not recommending you eat nothing but scotch eggs, though if you do, please refrain from sharing a tent with anyone from that point onwards…


The most surprising thing about scotch eggs is that they’re neither Scottish, though that would technically be a Scots or Scottish Egg, or contain whisky.The next most surprising thing is that they were invented by Fortnum and Mason in 1738, this ‘posh’ beginning isn’t usually associated with scotch eggs, which are more usually derided as something crappy you can get in a garage. Granted, the supermarket variety aren’t perfect, but make a more than adequate snack on the hill when you’re in a rush. However, the purveyors of posh picnic nosh sell them for a staggering £2.75, though just looking at the picture on this link, you can see the quality.


We’ll soon be making our very own scotch eggs and testing them out on the mountain.

TL:DR – convenient and tasty snack for the mountain that isn’t as healthy as it could be.

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