Moist and edible….

Like the union of Jelly Baby and caffeine, the union of chocolate and slow release carb is the holy grail of hill foods. Most flapjacks I’ve tried, i cannot finish. Starts off well, especially the bakewell flapjack i can get in my local Spar, but halfway you start to struggle and it end up like the chewing of sawdust, swallowing becomes nigh impossible. Finishing one is the equivelent of chewing four dry Weetabix.

Enter the Hob – Nob chocolate flap jack. Chocolate for the instant sugar rush, and slow release oats for sustained energy. If your body’s a place of worship, then they’re also available in a chocolate free variety (why??!!)

Ideal on paper, and it works in practice. Moist and most importantly, edible to the last. The large version can be a struggle towards the end, but then again you’re whacking a massive 350 calories into your body in a mere 65g of bar. If that thought leaves you quaking in your sandals, then there’s the five pack of smaller bars that are much more manageable.

These are a perfect hill food. They’ll do on those col stops when you just must eat something before you start slogging up hill again. They’ll provide you with a hearty, no messing breakfast. One bar has twice the calories of an Oats So Simple with a fraction of the hassle. Just open and scoff. Wash down with a hot chocolate or coffee. I’ve even taken to taking these as lunch on multi day walks, two of these is more than enough.

Plus points – Low hassle, super-high calorie hill food. Slow release carbs avoids the shugar rush. Indestructable – the photos are of my veteran bars, they’ve survived months in the bottom of a messy, well-used pack. Downer – one may be too much, never as appealing as a bar of chocolate or a Jelly Baby.

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