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This sort of stuff has been around for years so you’re probably wondering why I’m wasting valuable review space on this. Anyone who remembers the generic ‘instant’ custard will no dobut recall a powder that required much coaxing in order to resemble a coagulated mess that tasted as good as it sounded. It was therefore with trepidation that I dipped my toe once more into the realm of instant custard.

First up is that it packs a massive punch calorie wise – a 74g pach providing 320 calories. You can either be greedy, or split this into two or even the suggested 4 portions especially if you’re going to add some sort of sponge pudding. I found that half a pack is ideal for a hungry wildcamper, with a cake bar (Galaxy or Jaffa Cake bars, mmmm) rounding off a great pudding. Even hungrier campers will find no problem in wolfing the lot, but that could just be me again. At around 30p for a packet, this is probably the cheapest pudding for camping.

It mixes with absolutely no effort. It’s easier than making hot chocolate, the only difficulty knowing how much water to add. It was a bit thick the first time (ideal) and a bit thin the last time (still good!) so it’s a trial and error based task for the dabbler, or you can just mark out 425ml on some container and be a right smart arse.

All that would come to nought if, on mixing, you had to double check the packet to see if it didn’t really say “Solvite – suitable for 4 to 5 rolls”. Bearing in mind that this is an instant product, it won’t compare to a proper custard. It does taste pretty close to similarly branded tinned varieties and has a pleasantly creamy, vanilla flavour as you’d expect from it being custard. If you’re going to carry some cream (Alpro Soya is a good multiday option as are tubes by the company you cannot say their name) and maybe some vanilla pods, this could be even better – watch this space.

I think that there are better options if you’re entertaining at home, but for wild camping it’s got to be one of the best budget options out there.

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