Having recently discovered that I’ve a gluten intolerance, it seemed that most of my chosen breakfasts were unsuitable. This instant porridge from Tesco is both gluten and dairy free and packing a 180 calories per pot, would be ideal. It’s also in a cardboard pot, which can be recycled as clearly anyone who has a food allergy or intolerance foist upon them are also deeply touched by green issues.


I think that the picture of the made up ‘gruel’ says it all. While it’s a cliché to compare it to wallpaper paste, it really was akin to lumpy paste in appearance. Neither was it easy to mix up, with the oats clumping rather than forming lumps. It was not only free from gluten and dairy, but much flavour. It really is rather bland, and you really should plan on adding some sugar or chocolate to this if you want to get anywhere near to enjoying it.Another option is adding some condensed milk from a tube, which would certainly make it creamier.


This, as it stands, is not a particularly tasty breakfast option and cannot be recommended. The highest commendation that can be given is that it’s edible, but only just.However, I’ll give it a go with other ingredients to see If I can use it as the basis for a gluten free breakfast.

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