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Outdoor Picnic Mini Camping Stove – BuyinCoins

By Dave Roberts   

on June 9, 2013    5/5 (1)

Outdoor Picnic Mini Camping Stove – BuyinCoins

Whilst looking for something completely unrelated, as you do,  I came across what has to be the cheapest gas stove I’ve yet seen at round a fiver including postage from China. The Buyincoins Picnic Stove just had to be tried out especially as the reviews on Amazon were so promising (almost 500 reviews on Amazon.com, and a rating of 4.5 out of 5!).

This stove features a piezo electric ignition and folds down tidily with arms that side together and then fold inward to form a compact stove when not in use. It weighs in around 110g, so whilst not the lightest out there, you’ll only need to shed your bellybutton fluff to compensate. So at a fiver, this sounded too good to be true.


In reality, the stove works fine. The pot supporting arms feel a bit flimsy when folding out, with one on our model being a bit stiff. You’d have to wonder how durable they really are. The piezo electric is functional, but has a cheap button and I’d take a lighter or fire striker just in case. you’ll also need to take care with a wide pan as the arms don’t extend out that far. It works perfectly with a MSR Titan Kettle.


However, I’m not going to start complaining that the stove feels cheap, because it is and I expected that. Instead, I’ll say that this compact little stove is as good a starting point as any if you’re on a particularly tight budget, or if you’re just tight.

The cheap stove looking EPIC!

The purpose of the stove, as any other, is to boil water / heat stuff, and that it does as well as can be expected. I didn’t time it as any such measurement is pointless unless you do it fairly. It boils water quickly enough for my liking, maybe 5-6 minutes for a pot of about 500ml, but with a breeze and no windshield. It sounds the part while doing so, but not as noisy as some other stoves we can mention. As a budget stove, this ticks all the boxes and would also be ideal for anyone kitting their kids out for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I’d only worry about this stove’s durability, but if you get into this wild camping malarkey you’ll probably be investing in a titanium stove soon enough as you’ve decided to keep that belly button fluff as emergency kindling, you know, just in case.

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