You can buy wind shields that use thick titanium foil, but you can easily create something passable with extra thick kitchen foil.


You do need to fold it on itself a couple of times, folding one side a few times in order to improve rigidity. You can play with this to see what works best, and with a bit of ingenuity you may even be able to fold it partially under the stove in order to keep it in place.


Make sure your kitchen is tidy before starting… on the other hand…



Folding over the edge like this adds strength.



You’ll need to check the height against the stove you intend to use.

You can also make a lid - quite easily.

You can also make a lid – quite easily.

You can use a couple of pegs to keep the shield in place in the field.


Even without any apparent skill, the incompetent can create something functional. This is covering a meths stove, but never ever cover a canister stove completely in this way as it is then liable to explode!

This works best for low lying stoves, such as remote canister stoves. It does work for canister top stoves, however the taller they are, the harder it is to keep the shield rigid, though not impossible. Using a 100g canister seems to be a good compromise. If you do use a canister stove then ensure you keep plenty of space around the canister, and never cover it in completely as you’ll overheat the canister and it may well explode.

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