If you’re looking to kit out lightly and cheaply, then you can’t go far wrong with a Light my Fire spork. It’s a spoon one end and a fork, with a cutting edge, on the other. Ideal for those meals when a spoon alone isn’t enough. Not only is it highly functional in exactly the way expected, it’s light and made from polycarbonate so you don’t still taste that curry when you’re tucking into your custard.


The knife is a bit useless for cutting anything substantial, but will still cut through soft items like pasta.

We used the translucent variety, but you can also get the standard version, a pink version, a four pack and the luxurious titanium spork. That will set you back £15 and is a tad heavier than the plastic spork at 17g, but you’ll have a spork for life. There’s also a longer version available for stirring and getting to the bottom of your meal pouch.


I can’t use cheap plastic cutlery, they’re next to useless. This on the other hand does the job and for a price that’s right.

Summary: It’s a spork, for eating.

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