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High 5 Zero Hydration Drink Review

By Dave Roberts   

on May 27, 2011    No ratings yet.

High 5 Zero Hydration Drink Review

When we reviewed the mountain fuel a few weeks ago we were convinced that our hydration problem on long trips was over, when these popped through the letterbox. I’ll cut straight to the chase. One 80g tube of tablets makes up to 20x750ml bottles of hydration drink. This is ideal if you’ve got one of those shaky drink bottles (I’ve got an OMM one) that are the perfect capacity and these have clearly been designed with that in mind. The tablets dissolve easily and quickly as well, being simply a matter of dropping it in the water and waiting a minute or so while it dissolves. So there’s no mixing involved and no gunge left to clean out of your bottle.

So it’s obvious that for £7 you get a lot for your money, and they weigh next to nothing, but that would come to nought if they fall down on taste. I’m not overly fussy, as anything is better than the chemical flavour of purified water, but these, made up to the lowest strength, still taste ok and easy to drink.

They come in Citrus, Orange-Cherry andBerry. Citrus looks like traditional lemonade but without the sharpness that you might expecct. Orange and Cherry is an odd concoction, but certainly grows on you. Berry is essentially a blackcurrant drink and the one that came out on top for me. Even made up to spec, they’re weaker than a squash drink, but as they’re not overly flavoured and aren’t sugary, you do feel refreshed, as opposed to drinking a super sweet drink that rarely hits the spot when you’ve been active.

Conclusion. There’s no doubt that a few tubes of these will not only find their way to my wild camping food box, but also as a quick and calorie free drink to hydrate before and after a summer run. So far they’ve kept me upright after a few humid spring runs, an after walk bimble over a couple of the Snowdonia 3000s, a couple of wild camps and shamefully used to flavour a rather iffy white wine. That they’re only 11cals per tablet is also a bonus, as the last thing you want to do after a run is take in most of the calories you just burnt off in drink alone.

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Dave Roberts

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