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Sat here, realising that there aren’t going to be any election results tonight and drinking a pretty vile decaff, I finally cracked and pre-ordered one of these…

It’s not just a tablet, it’s a netbook with a detachable screen, close to infinite battery life, isn’t tied into proprietry formats and actuall

y plays flash videos. Running on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, this is a decent bit of kit, with the potential to replace my ageing netbook that something like an ipad could never do.

What’s this got to with this site? Well, at around 650g there’s a chance this could make it on wild camps. Not only that, but with a built in GPS and running mapping software this has got the potential at the very least be the forerunner of some decent outdoors tech. Give it a few years and we’ll be taking electronic maps for granted.

This’ll be dropping through my letterbox on the release date of June 1st and if you want to pre-order then the Asus eee Transformer will set you back a cool £430 less a few pence. We’ll have a first look review online as soon as after that, and a proper on the hill review soon after.

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  1. Ian Barton 8 years ago

    Like the new blog! This looks interesting, but rather on the expensive side. I think I still prefer my Samsung netbook at the moment to a tablet. Once someone hacks Android so that Emacs will run on it, a tablet with a keyboard would be very useful!


  2. Author
    Dave Roberts 8 years ago

    Thanks Ian – it’s been a long time coming… A bit like the nice piece of kit mentioned above.. I’ve been keeping an eye on it on the HDNL website and its been in the delivery van since half eight this morning!!

    So no nice toy to play with just yet.. I’ll post a comparison as i’m currently using an NC10 and while it’s a great piece of kit, my wife’s nicked it!

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