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You may well have read our review of the Light My Fire Spork a few months back and thought, meh, if it isn’t titanium I’m not bothering.

Well, the good news is that it is also available in more durable titanium as well as the cheapo plastic.

While the plastic is perfectly good enough for general use, I can’t see it lasting indefinately. With a titanium spork, you’ve literally got yourself a spork for life.

And of course, it’s titanium. What other reason do you need? If it’s good enough for a fighter plane then it’s good enough for me to spoon my dehydrated meal on a mountain.

Of course, at a whopping £13.95  the Light My Fire Titanium Spork isn’t cheap, but compares favourably to any Ti KFS sets you may get as it’ll perform the function of two out of the three at a third of the weight. Of course, we’re only talking a matter of 20-30g savings here, sowe’re literally loose change territory. Your boots will take on more mud and water than that!

So what better to give as a bit of a gift for that wild camper?

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