Outdoor Skills and Tips

Find below our complete guide to outdoor skills, well almost complete! We’re in the process of organising the content into more coherent sections.

YES! Despite our innate nature, Mud and Routes are becoming more organised!

As a starter for 10, here’s our Complete Introduction to Map Reading and Navigation Online Course.

Get Started With Geo-caching

What is Geocaching? If you are looking for a way to combine treasure hunting with orienteering and bring them both into the 21st century, then geocaching might be just what you are after. Geocaching involves hiding a cache somewhere, usually consisting of a waterproof container, a log book and a pen, and then listing their …

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Choosing a Wild Camping Lantern

When you’re wild camping, the obvious option for lighting is the usual head torch. But we find that head torches are just too bright for providing a bit of illumination in a tent. That’s where a camping lantern comes useful, and here’s our quick low down on the best choice of camping lantern for you. …

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All The Wild Camping Options

For those of you who want to spend the night under the stars, there’s more than just the simple wild camping option. Here’s how to make your overnight trip one to remember. Bivvy it. As light as you can get overnight. Basically a sleeping bag and a waterproof cover. Bivvy tents provide a bit more …

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Winter Skills Snow Cave!

If you want the ultimate winter challenge then get out and build a snow hole this winter… You’ll need.. Snow. One shovel (or the more the merrier) Survival bag (you many need to place this on the floor in order to pull snow away from the hole?) Plenty of time! Find a drift of snow …

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How to Choose Camping Cookware

You’re planning your first wild camp, but you’re going to need to cook  your food somehow. Choosing your stove’s one thing, but you’ll need something on top of it! Here’s some hints and tips on how to buy the right type for you. What do you want to cook? Do you want to just boil …

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