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5 Surprising Things You Won’t Regret Taking for a Hike

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5 Surprising Things You Won’t Regret Taking for a Hike

5 Surprising Things You Won’t Regret Taking for a Hike

No matter how professional you are at hiking, it is vital to take certain things which will help you on your way. Each of the items you usually put in your backpack are considered to be must-have for your personal safety and comfort during your hiking trip into the wild. Among them are hiking boots, map, compass, first aid kit, food and water. But I bet you have never travelled without suddenly realising that some seemingly unnecessary thing left at home would technically simplify or even save your life in the natural world. Continue reading if you want to know about five things you won’t regret taking for a hike. You may also like to read about Best 5 Tips and Advices for Globetrekkers.



You never know what can happen in the woods, so you must think ahead to make your outdoor adventure as safe as possible. For that purpose, take a little whistle to use in case of emergency. If you get lost, a piercing sound of a whistle will go much further than the human voice. So make sure you have decided on the particular signal of SOS with your friends so you can be found easier.

Flashlight with batteries

Even if you are on a day trip, a flashlight can occasionally prove important as well, especially when your hike take place in autumn with early sunsets. Needless to say that it is must-have if you are on a solo-trip! You are likely to be delayed due to some injury or simply underestimate the distance or the trail, which can suddenly become impassible, meaning you will have to return home much later than you have expected. That is why, do not forget to put a flashlight with some spare batteries in your backpack.

Walking stick or hiking pole


Recently this hiking item has gain a huge popularity among many nature lovers. Especially those who do not want to give up on their travels having knee or leg injuries as walking sticks do help to take the weight off the problem area. You might prefer to walk with your hands free, but you will never regret having a hiking pole on some tricky mountainous terrain where a good balance can save your life.

Emergency blanket


Although many hikers found that item useless and unpractical, it is only because they were lucky enough to never experience a misfortune. For example, weather. You cannot predict it, even if you have examined all online weather forecasts before your trip. If you will suddenly get caught in a heavy rain storm, an emergency blanket will keep you warm and dry. Otherwise you would be completely soaked and your hiking adventure would be ruined. So if you don’t carry a tent, make sure you put this item in your bag.

A personal locator beacon


This small handheld device alerts appropriate rescue authorities in case of an emergency. Though some hikers find these electronic devices a way too expensive, in fact they can simply save your life. As search operations may take weeks and sometimes eventually turn into body-recovery operations, take all measures to secure yourself and your friends. Authorities report that last year more than 205 people have been rescued through activating personal locator.

Consider taking above-mentioned items with you to be prepared and hike safe!

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