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Super Hill Foods – The Gala Pie

By Dave Roberts   

on August 18, 2015    No ratings yet.

Super Hill Foods – The Gala Pie

You may remember us gushing a while back about the virtues of the humble pork pie as a hill food, as well as the more rounded scotch egg. Well it was only recently on our trip onto the edge of the Arenig, when we decided we needed something serious for what we expected to be a strenuous and stressful bog trot, that we rediscovered the marvel that is the Gala Pie.

Some of you may be thinking, get up to speed man, while others will be scratching their heads as to what we’re on about. For those of you scratching away, the Gala Pie is simply the unholy combination of Pork Pie and Scotch Egg. There may be no breadcrumbs, but it’s essentially an egg surrounded by pork pie. The bonus of this is that you’ve got even less pastry to munch through, which for someone who can’t tolerate too much gluten*, can only be a good thing.

Full of protein and an excellent source of calories for hill walking. We just won’t go into the saturated fat and salt. On the plus side, they’re meant to include some chicken with the pork, so that’s got to be slightly healthier than a pork pie! It also comes shrink wrapped, depending where you get it, so they’re even rucksack ready

I’d always wondered how they got hold of the ‘long egg’ in the middle, and according to wikipedia, there’s a black art around creating a long egg from separated yolk and egg whites. This gala pie article on the Guardian website goes into more detail on the matter! The one we’d bought wasn’t anywhere near as sophisticated, as we had the ends of two eggs in our slice.

While we know there are healthier options on the hill, there’s also only so much lettuce you can physically carry up a mountain.

*which is what makes this article so important.

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