If you’ve ever used the compression bags that you vacuum all the air out of to store duvets and the like, you may have wondered if they’d be any use for camping? While we wouldn’t expect these to put up with a lot of wear and tear, they’re just right for one off longer trips where you could do with reducing space as much as possible.

We don’t suggest you take a Dyson up the mountains, but these bags can be rolled flat without using a vacuum.


Costing around £16 for 10 (e.g. Vacuum Compressed Storage Bags @ Amazon) these are dirt cheap, and light, and should last a full trip or more. While they keep your kit dry as well, we’d recommend using them inside a pack liner in order to protect them. With any luck, if they do fail on you, then you should have extra room in your pack by that point in the trip freed up by the food you’ve eaten!

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They’re also useful for storing your summer/winter kit away  in winter/summer.

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