Outdoor Skills and Tips

Find below our complete guide to outdoor skills, well almost complete! We’re in the process of organising the content into more coherent sections.

YES! Despite our innate nature, Mud and Routes are becoming more organised!

As a starter for 10, here’s our Complete Introduction to Map Reading and Navigation Online Course.

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Maybe you’ve been inspired by Sunday’s London Marathon, but something’s got that little seed planted in your head that you want to get into running. You may have been talked into, against your will, into doing a charity 5k, or decided that you’ve squeezed into those size 38 trews (male or female!!) for the last time. …

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Only very rarely are we able to experience something totally new in an environment that has become so familiar. The Carneddau are one of my favourite walking are as and I realised that I know the area well, except for a small section. I’ve walked nearby, but never to Llyn Eigiau or the neighbouring valleys …

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Day 3. This was a bit of a shock to my system. Ropework. However, i only needed to use one knot, the overhand (or is it underhand?), and that was easy enough. A mentally challenging day to anyone unfamiliar with ropes, but at least there wasn”t much walking involved. I”d have found concentrating on the …

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Had a great weekend with Phil George and the rest of the group. Small group, but means that contact time was maximised. Day 1. Met at Pete”s Eats. Didn”t know there was a flexibility to the 9am meeting time, so missed out on breakfast (will do me good). Met up with a couple who looked …

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