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Outdoor Walking and Camping Gear Reviews
Read all the latest Mud and Routes outdoor gear reviews, both walking and camping, split into handy sub categories for your convenience.

Our outdoor gear reviews include almost anything that has an outdoor slant, from waterproof jacket reviews and boot reviews, to outdoor tech and walking pack reviews, we’ve got you covered.

We always review outdoor gear honestly and we strongly believe in testing in proper conditions, on the hill, usually in Snowdonia, not on the side of some grassy car park. We prefer to review fewer items, in more detail, with the exception of anything edible.

Coleman Solo Cook Kit Review

The Coleman Solo Cookset is a bargain. At half the price of a titanium kettle and with four pots you’ll have to expect some comprimised. Made of anodised aluminium, they’re reasonably light and obviously not titanium, so a comparison would be unfair. For your money you get a large pot that’s nearly a litre in …

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Vango Ultralite Gas Stove Review

When we reviewed the Vango Ultralight Gas Stove we thought that it was a pleasant change to find any item that advertises itself, nay includes it in the name, as lightweight and falls at the lower end of the price scale. This offering from Vango, with flashes of their trademark orange  impress on the scale …

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Gelert Solo Tent Review

To start with, you don’t get much for your outdoor pound when buying tents or anything else for that matter.  So to find a tent that can get you out and about wild camping for about thirty quid can’t be bad.  A quick google search will reveal that there’s a loyal fanbase for the Gelert …

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Tesco Instant Custard Review

This sort of stuff has been around for years so you’re probably wondering why I’m wasting valuable review space on this. Anyone who remembers the generic ‘instant’ custard will no dobut recall a powder that required much coaxing in order to resemble a coagulated mess that tasted as good as it sounded. It was therefore …

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Shoe Goo Review

We’ve all had that moment when we realise that our favourite shoes or boots are starting to fall apart, consider that a few quid spend in the cobbler’s now would be well worth spending and then proceed to run said footwear to the ground? Worse still we’ve tried various concoctions of so called super-glue only …

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Trekker Kelly Kettle Review

Before I saw this little beauty in action, I thought this was a gimmick. For those who don’t know, a Kelly Kettle (or Ghillie Kettle – another brand) is simply a kettle in which you light a real fire inside the he hollow centre. This acts like a chimney, drawing the fire up along the inside …

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Mountain Fuel Food Supplements

I don’t know about you, but I’m really bad at drinking water on a multiday trip. While I’d normally manage to down up to 2 litres, plus copious amounts of coffee on a normal day, I get nowhere close to this on backpacking trips. I get thirsty, but the chemical flavour of the tablets I …

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Led Lenser H7 Review

You may already have seen our unscientific review of the Magicshine lights and how they’ve seriously revolutionised our night runs and hill walks. Despite the bulk, it was a step forward, like those early pioneers who carried mobile phones the size of briefcases and shouted loudly into them that their business deals were going nicely …

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Magicshine Bike Lights Review

Once in a while you come across a product that changed the way you go about your sport. This time, it’s a literal very-shiny-shiny piece of kit bought for one activity, but comandeered for another… These Magicshine lights, called numerous names, but specifically called the MJ-808, are designed for off road mountain biking, but mine …

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OMM Villain Pack Review

I previously owned the OMM Mountain mover, the Giant Jaffa. I spent a few months umming and aahhing to buy it, with the only negative point being the colour. I bought it, and i was quite pleased. It did the job, but it was cavernous. Far too big for the kind of trips i was …

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SPOT Review

What is it? SPOT is a personal beacon that transmits SOS messages, or “I’m safe” messages so you can notify friends and family that you’re safe at the end of a walk (especially relevant in remote areas without mobile signals). First Impressions. It’s very much like a little orange GPS without a screen. In the same way …

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