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Primus Clip-on Windshield Review

By Dave Roberts   

on June 30, 2011    No ratings yet.

Primus Clip-on Windshield Review

Windshields are certainly not one of the most exciting or glamorous bits of gear out there, but can be useful. If you use meths or petrol stoves, then a windshield is part of the kit, but for gas less so. This brushed aluminium offering from Primus looks the job and one of those items you don’t realise you need it until you get it.

I’m sure that you could work out that the shield actually increases the efficiency of your stove by a certain amount and so conserves fuel. I’m not sure how much gas you’d need to use before the shield saved more gas than it weighs, but it probably would over a week long trip. On a shorter trip, it won’t pay for it’s own weight, but you’ll still be able to boil your water a bit quicker.

Where the stove brings probems is that it only fits on certain stoves. It should be obvious from the images that it’ll only fit on canister top stoves and not remote stoves. You also need to ensure that you have enough of a gap betwen the pot and the top of the windshield so you don’t overheat the gas canister in the first instance. Not all stoves fit either – we found the Vango Ultralight was too wide for it, but it’s perfect for the MSR Pocket Rocket and (presumably) the primus range of stoves.


Summary:It’s a windshield and helps you boil water for your cuppa quicker.

What’s good: Light and if you’re lucky it’ll fit snugly around your 250g canister for storage. Should make your gas last longer and your water boil quicker.

Not so good: Need to make sure that it’s suitable for your stove to prevent overheating. Other than that we can’t really fault this! The only drawback is if you think windshields are a waste of time when you can either cook in the tent porch or use rocks for shelter.

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