Five things

5 Things: Prepare for Snow!

You may think we’ve finally lost it but now’s the time to buy all the stuff you need for winter! Following the heavy snow last year, you may remember the difficulty in getting hold of those essential items that you didn’t think of until the white stuff had fallen! Here are some thing that you may need

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5 things – Milky milky

How you take your milk  for your tea or coffee with you on a wild camp is always an issue, so here’s a few options.. Fresh milk. The best option, but only practical for an overnight camp and that’s pushing it in the heat of summer (did I really say heat of summer???) Powdered milk.

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5 Things – Rhinogydd Rules

1 – However long you reckon your walk will last, double it.2 – If there’s a path going in your direction, follow it.3 – If there’s a path going in a direction other than the one you’re after; follow it.4 – Map and compass are next to useless as there are no paths marked on

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