Laughs longest… na, that can’t be it..

Anyway, there’s probably plenty of endings to this one, some I can’t publish here. Instead, here’s a few good reasons why going in the hills alone can be pretty cool.

1. You can go where you want. You can add another hill on, or take one off depending on how you feel. It’s totally up to you.

2. You can go at your own pace. I find i walk slower with others, probably as i’m always talking when going uphill and getting out of breath.

3. The quiet. More than silence. You’ll notice it the first time you walk alongside a mountain lake and you can hear a bird’s wings beat as it flies across the water. There’s no doubt you’ll see more wildlife alone (or in a very quiet small group).

4. Nobody to nick your Jelly Babies. All that lovely food you take up with you is your and yours alone. It’s Mine i tell you! MINE!

5. Self-Reliance. It’s the best way of testing your hill skills. You depend on your own navigation and nobody else’s.

6. You can sing to yourself, if you want. Not that i do. Oh no.

7. No jostling for space in those awkward summmit shelters. “Get your hand off that! No it’s NOT my platy!”

8. If you get lost or fall over in a comic manner, you’ll have heard the last of it.Unlike my mate Mark, who’ll never hear the last of his Jesus moment when he tried to cross a bog by running across it and ending up waist deep! Laugh? I nearly forgot to pull him out..

9. Who said there was going to be 10?

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