5 Things – Rhinogydd Rules 5/5 (7)

1 – However long you reckon your walk will last, double it.
2 – If there’s a path going in your direction, follow it.
3 – If there’s a path going in a direction other than the one you’re after; follow it.
4 – Map and compass are next to useless as there are no paths marked on the maps, and following a bearing across heather and boulder covered slopes isn’t recommended.
5 – The crack in the rock you fall through is never as deep as the one you drop your aforementioned map/compass down.
6 – keep telling yourself that a combination of bog/rock/heather is fun.
7 – That one good thing is that they’re so quiet, nobody’s likely to come across you hanging from a boulder by a handful of heather as you lost the goat path you were following because it stopped at a sheer, ninety-degree, 50m cliff…

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