Five Things you may find lurking in the bottom of your pack… No ratings yet.

  1. That fourth battery you absolutely had to find when you saw your first ever brocken spectre and your camera died on you…
  2. Kendal Mint Cake wrapper with some melted sweet still inside – despite the fact you never buy the stuff.
  3. That Mars bar that you wrapped in duct tape so you wouldn’t eat it – but with a small hole cut and all the Mars bar squeezed out by some guilty third party… You know who you are…
  4. Orange plastic whistle so completely full of lint that if ever you’re in an emergency and you suck rather than blow, you’re done for. At least you’ll be able to use it to start a fire. May be replaced by large orange survival bag which when you attempt to open, turns out to be thirty squares of equally sized polythene…
  5. Map and compass as all you need is your sense of direction…
  6. Brick (See 3 above. Revenge is a dish best served cold, or should that be Gaspacho?)

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