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These are all the other apps we looked at for part 2 and decided to put in their own little post, out of the way..

Run Free – a very basic logger with a large and runner-friendly interface that changes the display between distance, pace and time on touch, but would be better with more info on the same screen. Ideal if you want something easy to use as the interface is simple to use, but could do with gpx or kml export to make it into the ideal minimalist app, and for this reason it gets a [rating:3]

Time Runner Lite – Another basic, but competent app. Logs a normal run or an interval run, but no voice prompts. [rating:3]

Reebok Promise Keeper – You have to register to use. It has a scheduler, but only for the days you intend to run and no distance goal. It’s basic on the running with no pace and no audio feedback. The best thing about this is that you can get others to presure you on the site and keep you to the runs you’ve promised to run and maybe keep you motivated. [Rating: 3]

DroidRunner – Basic app for logging your run, but you can also review your run or export to gpx/kml. Half decent stat screen, but maps crashed for us hence [rating: 2]

Activity Tracker – Very basic. The only distinguishing feature is that there’s a little fat man or woman that runs on the map and apparently gets thinner as you burn the calories! We didn’t get that far as we didn’t get the map to load (and similar comments on the market). You need to email your activity after finishing or you lose it! [rating:2]

Ghost runner – Exceptionally basic logger. You can race against a route you’ve previously done hence the name, which is useful, and you can import a file into the apps’ folder (but you can’t open one from elsewhere). Would be more useful and simpler to put an intended time and distance and race against that. [rating:2]

SmartRunner -Another one you have to register before use. No voice prompts (on free version). Error message (well, some sort of message!) is in German, which isn’t very useful and it completely froze on us! No map while running, and only basic info (no pace!!) [rating:1.5]

Running Diary – Very basic, but allows you to note equipment used, but only one against each run. No map while running and only distance and  time is displayed. Crashes on opening previous run hence it only gets [rating:1]

SportsTracker (Simra) – Basically all this does is log your route and saves it as a .kml file which might be useful if that’s all you want. [rating:1.5]

Running Tracker – Another basic app. This records your route and you can view it once you work out how. [rating:2]

Sporty Droid – Another logger with no features other than a basic stat screen. [rating:1.5]

GPS walk and run tracker – This is a very basic tracker that shows speed and very little more. [Rating:2]

Cool Runner – This allows you to set custom workouts, set up a virtual partner and all the usual tracking stuff; if you can get it to work. Even tried using it on a walk so I could fiddle with it, but couldn’t get aywhere. [rating:1.5]

StatSportLog – free version doesn’t save your activity. I had difficulty closing this as well, with it obviously staying on after being closed and continuing to log time after being closed. As it’s essentially a demo, I’ve left this unrated, but given the inability to close the app it’s not recommended.

Run.GPS Trainer UV Lite–Clear if dated run computer, but hampered by obscure icons along the bottom (never did get to work out what the light bulb does) and it failed to lock onto the GPS (other apps connected faultlessly in same location) which could well be a bug with the app not working with the moto defy but the comments on Market -make it out as a Marmite moment; either it doesn’t work or it’s brilliant. Neither can you save your route locally which is a serious issue if you’ve got no signal as not all of us run in cities. As it just doesn’t work, this can only get an Unrated. Note that on their site, there’s loads of submitted routes, so it must work for someone, except me and about half the people who try it.

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